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I wonder, are you feeling a little lost, or a little like you're working your guts out, but not sure why things are not really clicking? Or perhaps you are killing it, but want to push yourself a little bit further. Maybe, hopefully, you are determined that this is the time — your time. If you can hear that little voice in your heart, saying 'yes', then let me tell you what I can offer. There are three options:
1. The creative path
I can' t think of anything worse than being unable to express my creative self. For me, creativity — drawing, writing, illustrating, painting — is a calling. I can't get through a day without it (I tried in my early 20s to be a secretary, with appalling results. I'll tell you that story one day!).
Having a creative mentor is a little like going on an adventure together — one where we uncover hidden treasure, polish the gems we find and tease out the beauty we know lies within us. If you know you have something, you can book for an initial 1-hour consultation where we talk about your goals, ambitions and dreams and see what kind of work we can do to turn yearnings into action.
Consultation via Skype or Zoom.
Cost: $120/hour (Australian dollars — click here for currency conversion.).
2. Creative Thinking Intensive
This is great at the start of a new project. It is for people who want to learn how to push the boundaries of their creativity. It's a little like fitness for your creative brain — starts off playful, then gets serious (but never solemn*). I have a range of creative thinking strategies and workshops to get you out of your comfort zone in order to teach you how to problem-solve, play, tinker and push those concepts into solid, unique ideas. Creative Thinking Intensive is for artists, writers, creatives or anyone who is stuck in a bit of a thinking rut. Come and try it! I promise it is fun and productive!
Cost: $120/hour (Australian dollars — click here for currency conversion.).
If you need a little more structure:
3. One-on-one Identity Mentorship for Illustrators
Your identity is everywhere that your work is — branding is how you communicate your unique identity, in order to sell your product to the people who want to buy what you’ve got!
An identity mentorship with me starts with play — we want to tease out who you really are so you can have a better idea of how to present yourself authentically and professionally to your audience. After we have played, we get serious, really knuckling down and figuring out how you can present yourself visually.
Cost: $400 (Australian dollars — click here for currency conversion.).
Paid up-front, includes three sessions:
Session 1 (1 hour zoom or skype meeting + preparation & follow-up time):
In our first session I will look at your current portfolio and/or online identity (including website, social media and promo materials like business cards, postcards etc) and talk you through a critique. I will then give you some homework to do, in order to tidy up, tighten up and communicate more clearly to your audience. The first workshop will require you to send me links and information prior to the session.
Session 2 (1 hour zoom meeting + preparation & follow-up time):
The second session will focus on you as a person first, then as an illustrator. If you don't know who you are  how can you find your unique identity, your style and your unique voice? I will take you on a really fun adventure where we run through some 'getting to know my true self' identity exercises. We will work to a strict time parameter in order to get through two or three, then I will send you off on your own to do some more homework.
Session 3 (1 hour zoom meeting + preparation & follow-up time):
We will work on your visual identity, creating the start of a visual branding strategy, created by you. You will be able to leave this session with a clear idea of how to visualise your identity using colour, typography, lettering and your own unique illustration style.
Further sessions, tailored to your specific ongoing needs (optional)
Cost: $120 (Australian dollars — click here for currency conversion.).
Paid up-front, includes:
These one-hour sessions can be booked on an as-needs basis, after completing your first three sessions. We can focus on whatever you feel you need to focus on. We can work on some more identity-related creative thinking strategies, I can look at your portfolio, or give you any further advice or tips.
To enquire about booking your session, please fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch. I can't wait to hear from you!
Thank you! I will be in touch.
A little bit more about me
I love teaching people who are yearning for change or hungry for progress.
A mentorship with me starts with play. After we have played, we get serious, knuckling down and pushing through the blocks and barriers that hold us back from realising our true creative potential.
I have a background in graphic design, illustration and branding identity. I love uncovering that mysterious thing that truly defines an individual or a brand.
I have had a few mentors over the years and have gained some invaluable insights and most importantly, have been nurtured, pushed and guided — you just can't do that on your own.
As a mentor I love witnessing the adventure,  growth and excitement of progress.
*Check out Paula Scher's TED talk on play here.
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